Almond oil (organic)
The excellent skin care properties of organic almond oil flatters just about every skin type. Whether baby or mature skin. Even very sensitive and sensitive skin likes the care of organic almond oil. It leaves a pleasantly soft, silky feeling on the skin.
In addition to the valuable fatty acids, the oil contains numerous vitamins and minerals. Even a low UV protection is offered by this care oil.


Animal fats from fat or bone
Even though lard cares very well for our skin, we find that no animals should die for our soaps.


Avocado oil (organic)
A green, vitamin-rich 'A, B, D, E-oil', extracted from the flesh of the avocado, gets absorbed by the skin very quickly, allowing the vitamins to work directly and refine the complexion.

Babassu oil (organic)
The foam booster. But this isn't the only property that makes Babassuoil so interesting.
The Babassu palm is referred to by native tribes in the Amazon valleys as the "tree of life." Brazilian women have used the oil for centuries to get a soft, smooth and beautiful skin. It has a pleasant cooling effect and also has softening and nourishing properties. It protects against drying out of the skin and soothes it. This makes them especially interesting for people with itchy, neurodermitic skin.
Due to its special properties, Babassu oil absorbs very quickly and gives the skin a soft, silky feel. The high content of lauric acid also has an antimicrobial effect and is therefore also ideal for oily and impure skin.

Beeswax (organic)
The nourishing and skin-protecting properties of organic beeswax protect the skin from water loss by forming a protective film. This makes the skin firmer and younger. We use the antiseptic and healing potential to help treat irritated and inflamed skin. So beeswax soothes and soothes the affected areas and leaves a velvety soft skin feeling.
Processed into hair soaps it gives the hair a unique shine.

Castor oil (organic)
Organic castor oil is a very nourishing and rich oil. It is the support oil for hair soaps. Whether for an oily, dry or itchy scalp. Whether greasy, dry, fine or thick hair. Whether curly or smooth. Hair just likes organic castor oil.


Cocoa butter (organic)
Organic cocoa butter flatters the skin and makes it soft and supple
at the same time. This especially benefits dry, brittle and mature skin.


Coconut oil (organic)
The "almost all-rounder".
Organic coconut oil is a true fountain of youth for hair. It not only moisturizes, but also stimulates the hair roots, preventing hair loss and giving the hair a wonderful glow. In addition, it impresses particularly by the antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, which kills all odor-causing bacteria.
In addition, organic coconut oil moisturizes, cools and softens the skin.

The ingredients form a protective barrier on the skin and protect it from harmful external influences such as cold or too much sun.


Corn oil
Corn oil nourishes the skin. It adds a smooth finish and make the skin beautifully supple. It is ideal for mature and rough skin.
Even hair likes to be cared for by corn oil.


Grapeseed oil (organic)
The high content of linoleic acid in organic grape seed oil has an anti-callous effect by making the skin flexible and balancing the production of sebaceous glands. This
especially helps with greasy skin.
Since bacteria and the resulting pimples are prevented, it refines the appearance of the skin. Generally, organic grapeseed oil ensures a smooth, even skin.
Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis benefit from another advantage of the organic grape seed oil: it reduces itching. Due to its firming and nourishing effect, it is also used in the treatment of cellulite.
In hair soaps, the organic grape seed oil creates a protective film around the hair structure. This prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle.


Hazelnut oil (organic)
Organic hazelnut oil offers
pure skin care. It helps to find a balance especially for oily skin. Sensitive skin benefits from the softness and mature skin from the richness.


Hemp oil (organic)
The content of linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid and gamma-linoleic acid makes organic hemp oil a very valuable care oil. It helps against acne and its anti-inflammatory effect has been proven in skin conditions like eczema.


Jojoba oil (organic)
Organic jojoba oil has a natural sun protection factor of 3 to 4. It also provides for every skin type with its provitamin A, vitamin E and its favorable fatty acid composition. It is extremely resistant to oxidation and absorbs quickly. It protects the skin against dehydration, increases its elasticity and prevents long-lasting moisture loss. Even with inflamed skin, dandruff, sunburn and acne our organic jojoba oil is a real treat.


Lanolin is obtained when sheep's wool is washed for the first time after shearing. For lanolin, no animals die!
It makes the sheep's hair softer and more supple. These properties still work for our hair. In addition, they are easier to comb and get more volume.
Since it is particularly well-tolerated, it may even be used in baby soaps and nursing mothers often use it to nurse their nipples.
Another plus point is the positive influence on barrier-impaired, dry and mature skin.


Mango butter
Mango butter is not extracted from the fruit, but from the kernels of the mango. The mango butter is very moisturizing and helps to regenerate and heal the skin.
Dry, brittle hair also benefits from these characteristic.


Olive oil (organic)
If you have very dry, chapped, sensitive or mature skin, you will be very happy with this oil. Because organic olive oil creates a very mild soap.


Palm oil
No way. We
are out of conviction palm oil free!


Pumpkin seed oil (organic)
A very valuable and healthy oil is our organic pumpkin seed oil. It is very nurturing a
nd moisturizing for the skin and is generally well tolerated by all skin types. Soap from this oil is particularly mild and ideal for dry and cracked skin.


Rapeseed oil (organic)
Organic rapeseed oil is a regional and very fine oil. It is very moisturizing and therefore very suitable for sensitive skin.


Shea butter (organic)
Organic shea butter has versatile properties. The ingredients have a moisture-binding effect and refine the appearance of the skin. Organic shea butter has a high content of unsaponifiable ingredients. This helps especially in dry, low-fat and water-poor, often heavily scaly skin.

Sunflower oil (organic)
Due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially the high linoleic acid content, organic sunflower oil is a light, mildly nourishing oil.
It is especially helpful with oily and impure skin.
It can also be used for children as skin oil and scalp care products.


Thistle oil (organic)
Organic thistle oil is rich in linoleic acid and contains lots of vitamins A and E. It appeals to all skin types, so anyone can use it. In addition, it has a regenerating and strengthening effect on the skin.

Wheat germ oil
The organic wheat germ oil is very rich in vitamins and absorbs quickly into the skin. This helps to deliver its nourishing properties directly to the skin. Dry and mature skin will benefit
especially from this oil.
Though it is also often used with extremely dry and brittle hair.