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Bambusblüte (Massage Flower)
 High-quality, gentle massage flower made of cotton. Especially suitable for very sensitive skin.
6,00 € 2
Echter heller Vulkanstein (Pumic Stone)
A fine-pored pumice stone from the interior of the earth. Ideal for caring for your feet so they can continue to carry you well through life.   ... (mehr lesen)
4,50 € 2
Echter schwarzer Vulkanstein (Pumic Stone)
 This pumice stone is something very special and a real natural product from the inside of the earth. Its large pores make it ideal for strong calluses. In the course of our lives, we walk up to 120,000 kilometers. To keep our feet health ... (mehr lesen)
4,50 € 2
Gesichtsbürste (Face Brush)
Our facial brush is perfect for a gentle face massage and cleaning to care for your skin.   Natural ingredients: Natural bristles made from horsehair and vegetable fibers  
4,50 € 2
Luffa (Loofah)
 Loofah is a one hundred percent natural product obtained from the inside of ripe loofah plants from the tropics. The fibrous material exfoliates the skin thoroughly and gently.  
ab 3,00 € 2
Massageball (Massage Ball)
While it's a simply  tool, our wooden massage ball is still very helpful for a relaxing massage.
4,50 € 2
Probierpaket Dana (Trial Package Dana)
You get pure care with our trial package Dana. It contains 25g each Britta, Eva, Frieda and Sheeweißchen. With this package, it's fun to groom. The four pieces are packed in a linen sack.
8,00 € 2
Probierpaket Denise (Trial Package Denise)
You like the variety, but may not want to have 4 large pieces of soap in the bathroom. With the trial package Denise you will each receive a piece (25g) of Herbstwind, Nachthimmel, Sommerbrise und Warin.   The four pieces are p ... (mehr lesen)
8,00 € 2
Probierpaket Haarmine (Trial Package Haarmine)
 There are so many different hair soaps so it is often difficult to find the right one. Therefore we offer you our 4 hair soaps Anna, Christel, Elwene and Idra in a convinient trial package with a pieces of each (25g) in a nice linen bag. ... (mehr lesen)
8,00 € 2
Schwämme (Sponge)
 Our sponges are honeycomb sponges from the Mediterranean. Unspoiled luxury from nature that is a treat for body and mind. After meticulous preparation via manual work the inconspicuous marine plant turns into a wellnesspromoting care pro ... (mehr lesen)
ab 12,00 € 2
Sisal Seifensack (Sisal Soapbag)
Handy soap bag made of natural and sustainable sisal. With a cord so that you can dry both the soap and bag.   Size: 15cm x 10cm
4,00 € 2
Sisalblume (Sisal Flower)
High-quality massage sponge made of natural and sustainable sisal.
6,00 € 2
Süßholzwurzel (Licorice Root)
 Licorice root rods from certified organic farming. The medicinal effect of licorice root was already known in ancient times. It has an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially suitable for the dental care on the ... (mehr lesen)
1,00 € 2