What is an acid rinse?

Some take apple cider vinegar, others prefer citric acid or lemon juice and others like to put on a herbal tea, which is then acidified with a little vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar can remain in the hair. The smell disappears after a few minutes. Citric acid or the juice and teas I would wash out after a short time again.
I always take apple cider vinegar: 2 tablespoons per liter of water.
If you like it more concentrated, you should also wash it out again.
Here you have to experiment with what is best for your hair. Unfortunately you can not say that in a general way. Some need more than 3 EL to 1 liter for other hair types already enough 1 EL.


Why should I use an acid rinse?

A rinse mainly prevents the formation of lime soap.
But she also has more to offer. So 'neutralizes' excess soap, makes the hair better combed and gives it extra shine.

How do I use an acid rinse?

In my bathroom I have a set of a jug and a bowl. Something like you can find on flea markets. I mix water and apple cider vinegar directly in the pot. Then I take my head down. The hair falls into the bowl. Now I pour the rinse over my head.
The hair tips and hair I let swim briefly in the Rinse in the bowl.
Then I stand upright again. Pour the rinse back into the pot and pour it over my head again, so that the hair on the forehead and on the sides gets enough of it.
And done :-)